The term Studio Furniture is relatively new and refers to furniture that prioritizes
aesthetics and design over function. This approach to furniture making is also
known as one-of-a-kind furniture, art furniture, or sculptural furniture.

Studio furniture frequently incorporates the use of uncommon materials such
as industrial steel or concrete. The materials selected are based on design,
not on function. Quality craftsmanship is essential in studio furniture. When
an artist/craftsman designs and builds studio furniture he or she is doing their best
work, and loving it.

Often a client will commission a piece of functional furniture with an artistic design.
It may not be studio furniture in its pure form, but it’s close enough for me.


The works in this section fit the traditional definition of art and have no purpose
other than to be what it is, art.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece of studio furniture or sculpture, or in
commissioning a piece of custom furniture, please review the “Custom Order” page
and then contact me.

Michael Leon Evans