My venture into studio furniture was the result of my enthusiasm for furniture design,
my background in sculpture, and a genetic predisposition to work wood. My furniture
designs, typically functional in nature, are sculptural expressions in wood. And for me,
thatís a beautiful thing.

However, that combination of elements has
also proved to be less than predictable in
terms of a consistent style. I tried for
years to corral my designing efforts into
one readily identifiable ďstyleĒ but that
goal has been elusive. Regardless of my
intentions, the language of my design style
continued to change with the weather.
Since a large portion of my work has always
been client based custom furniture, I realized
that the ability to easily move among disparate
design styles is desirable. My perspective is
the only change I needed to make. Perspective,
too, is a beautiful thing.The muses from which
I draw inspiration are also varied and in con-
stant flux. The flowing lines of Art Nouveau,
the emphasis on joinery in the Arts and Crafts Movement, the stream-lined proportions
of Art Deco, the delicacy of Asian art and furniture, and the simplicity and color
found in contemporary styles are all influences in my furniture and my art. And, of
course, there is nature, the alpha dog of inspiration. I have lived and worked in
the forested area of south central Indiana for 30 years and am still awed by the beauty
of my surroundings.

Oh, and about that genetic predisposition
to work wood. I canít explain it and I canít
prove it. But I feel it in my soul and thatís
good enough for me.

Michael Leon Evans

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