Custom Ordering.......,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Please keep in mind that itís just my daughter, Rachel and me. Itís not what you
would call a production operation. However, Iíve been building custom furniture
for many, many years and my clients are always satisfied.

Ordering Custom Furniture

Custom ordering a piece of furniture is a process. When you decide to order custom
furniture, the first step is to telephone or email me. Tell me what you envision. It
could go anywhere from that point. Iím an advocate for the idea that you should
get what you want when you custom order a piece of furniture. After you have told
me your ideas the process is off and running. Lucky for me many people will give
me a few guidelines and then allow me the freedom to design what I want. Thatís
how I work best. Once I know what you are looking for, I will make a preliminary
design drawing and present it to you for input. This process repeats until everybody
is happy. Delivery dates depend on many factors but I will give you an approximate
date when I give you a cost estimate. Take that date and add about 6 weeks and
youíll have a good idea of when to begin looking for delivery. Itís really a good deal
for you. Your cost remains the same no matter how long it takes us to make it.

Stiletto Tables, Arcus Tables, Tall Tables

Some of these limited production tables may be in stock. A table that is in stock
would normally ship in one week. In stock items are random and unpredictable.
Just like life. Sorry.

If the idea of custom furniture with an artistic flair piques your interest, give me a call.
Letís talk. My phone number is 812-988-7879. Quickly tell me you want to talk
about custom furniture so I donít hang up on you. I have little patience for telemarketers.
Iíll have to turn off the machines, find a phone, and take off my ear protectors and
dust mask. It better not be somebody selling credit cards. Which reminds me. I donít
take credit cards. Sorry, again.

You could also email me at Thanks for reading this far.
Youíve been very patient.

Michael Leon Evans