Commissioned furniture refers to furniture and cabinetry designed for a specific
client to fulfill a specific need. Commissioned furniture is focused on function with
design secondary.

I have included kitchens, stereo cabinets, dining tables, and other custom pieces
in this section. Except for the Limited Production Furniture listed below, the pieces
in this section are custom and will generally not be reproduced.

At times a client will commission me to create a piece of custom furniture that places
equal emphasis on design and functional. These pieces are shown in both the
Commissioned Furniture and the Studio Furniture sections.


The Stiletto tables, Arcus tables, and Tall tables are limited production pieces
and are produced in small quantities. Prices for these tables vary according to
wood species, ornamentations, and design variations. I have provided a price
range as a guide.

Stiletto Tall Table: $550-$750

Stiletto Sofa Table: $625-$850

Arcus Coffee Table: $750-$900

Arcus End Tables: $700- $850

Tall Table: $300-$450

If you are interested in commissioning custom furniture or in purchasing a limited
production piece, please review the “Custom Order” page and then contact me.

Michael Leon Evans